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Why go premium?

Even though our courses are incredibly helpful to developers and development teams, you may prefer a more tailored approach to solve your team's challenges. Every team is unique and you need to make sure that if you invest in your team, that you do it in the right area.

If your team is struggling and you're not sure what would be best for them moving forward, we're here to help you.

We've worked with many businesses and helped their teams radically improve the way they work and write higher-quality, more secure software. We've solved problems related to code reviewing practices, sprint organization, we've helped teams develop a testing-first mindset, we've identified serious security issues that were potential business killers, we've helped teams better organize their code so it's way easier to maintain, we've helped teams save money by simplifying their software architecture, and much, much more.

We are experts at quickly identifying where the main issues are in your development team, processes and software, and give you hands-on advice on how to fix the problems. On top of that, we aim to give you the tools so that in the future, you can identify these problems yourself and you don't need us anymore (though of course, we'd love to continue working with you to address your needs in other areas as well 😊).

How does it work?

Contact my team at [email protected] and let us know what you're struggling with. We will then ask you to fill in a form with more details. After filling in the form, we'll review the information you supplied and put together a tailored package for you.

What's inside the tailored package?

Every use case is different - we'll create a tailored package for you that we think will help you the most. It may contain a collection of our courses, an online or on-site workshop, an in-depth review of your code and architecture, a coaching session with your development team to improve their efficiency, lollipops for your entire team, or a combination of those things.

If you think your team can benefit from working with us, simply contact us at [email protected] and we'll reach out within 2 working days.

Don't let your team suffer. Let us help you.

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I'm Arjan.

A software developer and educator with a passion for building beautiful, efficient, and reliable software. I've been passionate about programming and computer science since I was a kid.

I've completed a Master's and PhD in Computer Science and I have more than 20 years of teaching experience. I've launched several startups and designed and built complex software products from scratch.

Now, I combine all my experiences to create YouTube videos on my channel, ArjanCodes. I also offer various types of courses for developers and companies.


Our Impact: What Teams Say About Working with Us

"The Hands-on refactoring-approach of the workshop. Our own code used as an example and step by step rebuild to a proper piece of code. Not just pointing out errors or issues, but immediately showing how things can be done differently, This makes an example recognizable (confrontational?) and shows how you can achieve major improvements with relatively small changes."

"As someone who doesn't work with Python regularly I was apprehensive about attending, but I found the workshop surprisingly accessible. It was well-structured, informative and gave great tips about keeping your code organised and reuseable."

"Thank you for so much 'food for thought'. Very valuable to our team. I am convinced that as a team we will make a huge step forward in speed, quality and maintainability of coding. Perhaps we should do a similar workshop when we have are new application live to measure our progress."

Work with us

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