Setup your development team for success

Whether your team is made up of software developers, data scientists, or researchers: give them the tools to produce high-quality code and make deploying and maintaining complex software products a breeze. Improving the skills of your development team is one of the best investments you can make.

What my students say

I joined my current company right before the refactoring of a critical component of our software stack. The teachings of the course helped us identify several issues in the old design, as well as avoiding pitfalls in the design of the new version of the tool.

Deep Learning Engineer

I've got my motivation back. I want to jump on new projects and do them better than in the old ones. Be focused on what matter when coding, not just 'make it work' but 'make it well' (readable, changeable, maintainable, independent...)

Software developer

I actually went through most of the course material before getting unexpectedly moved into a development-heavy team, which I've never worked on before. I feel much more prepared to tackle some of the challenges, especially knowing the level of code scrutiny and review is much higher than I've ever dealt with.

Solution Architect

Does your team know how to build and maintain complex software products?

Software changes all the time and relies on other software that's also ever-changing. Your team consists of different people who write code in different ways.

Even in the best-case scenario, where your team is made of seasoned software engineers who know the best practices and have a well-rounded background in computer science, it's incredibly challenging to keep things structured and consistently produce quality work.

The reality is usually very different. Most teams are multidisciplinary, with a mix of software engineers, data scientists, researchers and designers. Not everyone has the knowledge that's needed to work on complex software and make good software design decisions. If you let your team work on software without providing them with the knowledge to do this properly, it's a recipe for disaster.

Here are a few things I often hear inexperienced software developers say:

  • "I have deadlines, so I don't have time to write software tests."
  • "I'm not going to spend a lot of effort refactoring and improving my code. I just need my code to work."
  • "We can improve our software later when our projects are done and we have more time." (Spoiler alert: this will never happen!)

When a team has this mindset, I can guarantee that their code will become really hard to manage, really soon. I've been there.

And if your team does more than just write scripts that are used internally, but you also host software applications in the cloud, things just got a lot more complex. You need to make sure that maintaining and deploying your software is easy, that you're not spending a ton of money on cloud resources you don't need. And on top of that: you need to be really serious about security because data leaks can be business killers.

What happens if you don't take action?

You'll end up with spaghetti code that nobody dares to touch because every change you make seems to break everything and results in a cascade of other problems. Your code will contain more and more bugs that cost your team an increasing amount of time to fix. And hiring extra people only makes problems worse since you add yet another person to your team, while not addressing what really causes the problem.

If you let things fester, your cloud costs will go through the roof and you'll start missing deadlines. Your software will have a ton of bugs and other problems. Your customers will be extremely unhappy. If your team works with data, there will be errors in the outcome that may have severe consequences since your business takes decisions based on wrong information. Or even worse: your customers' data could end up on the street because you didn't put the right protections in place. If you're not careful, you'll endanger your entire company's existence.

I'm Arjan.

A software developer and educator with a passion for building beautiful, efficient, and reliable software. I've been passionate about programming and computer science since I was a kid.

I've completed a Master's and PhD in Computer Science and I have more than 20 years of teaching experience. I've launched several startups and designed and built complex software products from scratch.

Now, I combine all my experiences to create YouTube videos on my channel, ArjanCodes. I also offer various types of courses for developers and companies.


Meet The Mindset Program ⚡️

We've developed a series of courses that teaches your team how to build and deploy beautiful software that's easy to maintain. There are currently two courses in this series:

  • The Software Designer Mindset, which teaches your team to write great code that's easy to maintain
  • The Software Architect Mindset, which teaches your team to deploy and host software in the cloud in a cost-effective, scalable way

Though you can do each course individually, together they form the core of what your team needs to know to build great software products. Both courses follow the same best practices and build off each other. If you want your team to be well versed in all aspects of building software products, getting them the complete Mindset Program is without a doubt the best option.

After your team follows the Mindset Program, your customers and colleagues are going to rave about their ability to deliver high-quality work so consistently.

Our courses use Python for most code examples (though there is a bit of Typescript in The Software Architect Mindset). We've organized our courses in such a way that they're especially useful for multidisciplinary teams with people that don't necessarily have a computer science background. We've created accessible code examples in Python, as well as practical tips and settings that help your team take great architectural decisions without having to be cloud experts. Your team will be able to apply what they'll learn in the Mindset Program to any programming language and any future software project.

The Software Architect Mindset transforms your team's grasp on software architecture through a comprehensive blend of quality videos, practical exercises, and real-world examples, all crafted to ArjanCodes' high standards. Central to the course is a production-ready Software-as-a-Service platform, covering both Python backend and TypeScript frontend development, alongside DevOps practices, authentication mechanisms, and integrations with common services.

This platform not only serves as a teaching example but also as a springboard for your own projects, addressing complex architectural challenges like technology selection, service integration, and scalable cloud solutions.

This course saves your team significant development time and makes sure that you don't spend more than necessary on cloud resources.

Read more about this course here.

The Software Designer Mindset helps your team enhance their programming skills by focusing not on syntax but on improving software design decisions. It emphasizes the importance of understanding not just the 'how' but the 'why' behind programming concepts, encouraging a deeper comprehension of software development and design principles.

This course offers a roadmap to becoming a more proficient developer by teaching you to think more abstractly about problems, enabling you to write cleaner, more maintainable code. It focuses on practical techniques to improve problem-solving skills, code readability, and the ability to debug and refactor code effectively.

By the end of the course, your team will be equipped with a toolkit of best practices and strategies to approach programming challenges more confidently and creatively, making it an invaluable resource for developers seeking to elevate their craft.

Read more about this course here.

Our courses will help your team:

  • Dramatically increase the quality of the code they produce
  • Instantly boost their design and architecture skills, allowing them to make better overall decisions
  • Respond to customer feedback way faster than the competition by having software that's a breeze to change
  • Offer a secure and robust software solution that's built with easy testing in mind
  • Have a common vocabulary that allows them to operate as a close-knit team
  • Make fewer mistakes in their data processing and analysis pipelines, by leveraging industry-standard best practices for software design
  • Get rid of bad quality code that's impossible to maintain as your team changes over time
  • Erase technical debt and be able to manage it much better
  • Save development costs by having a higher-skilled development team and by more efficiently using cloud resources

My courses get 5-star Google reviews!

See more reviews here.

The choice is yours

Pick whichever version of the course is right for you!

The Software Designer Mindset

€279 / team member
Design robust, clean software that's easy to work on.

  • Full access to The Software Designer Mindset - COMPLETE (7+ hours of material)
  • Code examples
  • Exercises and quizzes
  • Building an API from scratch (2+ hours of material)
  • Quick wins to improve your software design (15 videos)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion

The Software Architect Mindset

€555 / team member
Run software in the cloud that's scalable and cost-effective.

  • Full access to The Software Architect Mindset - COMPLETE (12+ hours of material)
  • Code examples
  • Exercises and quizzes
  • Custom-built case study platform
  • BONUS lessons and case studies
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion

The COMPLETE Mindset Program (most popular)

€779 / team member
Train your team in both software design an architecture to build beautiful, scalable software.

  • Full access to both The Software Designer Mindset - COMPLETE and The Software Architect Mindset - COMPLETE
  • Code examples
  • Exercises and quizzes
  • Custom-built case study platform
  • BONUS lessons and case studies
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion

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