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Architecture is the foundation of your software. Wrong architectural decisions carry an extremely high price tag. Your software won’t run optimally for the task it is supposed to perform. Your users have a bad experience. Maintaining your software becomes a nightmare. In the worst case, your customers will leave and you'll have a really hard time righting the ship and avoiding a complete disaster.

I've noticed that in my community, being able to create and manage complex software systems is at the top of the pain points list. When I was thinking about the next course to launch, I asked in a YouTube poll what would bring the most value to you. And the answer, unsurprisingly, with almost 60% of the votes was… Software Architecture.

So, I've started working on a completely new program called The Software Architect Mindset that teaches you everything you need to know to become a software architect, built on my own experience building and maintaining software platforms used by thousands of people. After following The Software Architect Mindset program, you'll:

  • Feel confident that you take optimal architectural decisions at the start of your project.
  • Build high-quality software without worrying about whether your software will scale as your user base grows.
  • Know all about the latest and greatest cloud technologies that save you time so you can ship your product faster than the competition.
  • Be able to make changes quickly that address your customers’ wishes and make them rave about your product.

An upcoming course by ArjanCodes

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